Initial Inquiry

We are happy to discuss with you the plans for your project. We will ask you some basic yet fundamental questions to ensure that the project is suitable. We will provide plenty of good, sound, practical advice – it's our pleasure.

Personal visit

We will then arrange to survey your property and discuss your needs in detail. At this point we will be more than happy to provide a free estimate and give an indication of timescale to complete your project.


We are more than happy to provide a list of previous customers who are willing to give us a reference. We can even arrange for visits to previous projects so that you can see our quality of work.

Drawings And Local Authority Approval

We have an association with a Architect/Structural Engineer, who can prepare a set of computer aided design drawings for your approval. You will be advised if planning permission is required, and plans will be submitted to the Council for their approval. Detailed working drawings are then prepared and submitted for Building Regulations approval. If you all ready have a set of plans with Building Regulations approval, a detailed fixed price Quotation will be calculated. A detailed schedule of work will be provided listing all items included.

Project Management

All major Havian Contractors projects are assigned a supervisor from the initial survey through to project completion. A project will not be started until labour can be programmed to complete it, this may mean delaying the start but this is better than trying to run to many projects at one time. We will work at projects on a daily basis and ensure that all tradesmen are fully aware of the client’s requirements.

Agree a Date to Start

Once the relevant approval has been granted we will agree a date with you to begin the project and will not leave site until the project is finished.